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rule the seven seas
introduction; BATTLESHIP: HETALIA 
29th-Dec-2009 03:57 pm

A strategy-based, sea-based RPG, hetalized.
Control your own fleet, secure the seas, and battle for complete naval dominance.

We are a Hetalia-based, strategy-style RPG set in the seas of the world, where you are in control of a navy. As the commander of your country’s fleet, you must organize your country’s navy and partner with others to gain control of the world’s seven oceans. Strategy is the key to winning all your battles, but charisma is more important to controlling the whole world.

This sets in a game, where you play Hetalia characters, who are regular citizens in control of their country’s navy. Beginning with ten small ships, you seek to make your country the world’s greatest naval superpower. (Though not really, because you’re mostly here to have fun writing battle/alliance scenes, amiright?)

All players welcomed. Character journals and contact info are required. Most of the RPing will take place in the community, as well as battle, raid, and weather reports.



1) No god-modding.
You cannot control any other person's fleet. You cannot control their character. Last time we checked, you are not a higher being of any kind.

2) Be civilized.
Treat others courteously and with respect. No trolling or anything of the like. After all, you may need their support and alliances if you really want to be a successful naval commander.

3) Stay in character.
No one likes an America who is suddenly a genius, or a Canada that's a macho-buffed up and acts like Alfred. Or a France that's suddenly acting like Russia. that would be creepy. Stay in character.

4) Tag your posts.
We like being able to find whatever you've posted in the easiest way possible! There will be tags for every country, for battles, for announcements, and for alliances. It's less of a hassle for us and for other people, so just tag your posts with the already-given tags.

5) Use cuts if your post is too long.
Just use an lj-cut if your post is really long. Simple, eh?

6) No one-liners.
Your posts should be at least a paragraph, maybe longer. This is a description-based RPG, so one-liners won't work here.

Understand? :3 You can sign up here, after checking if your character is still open in the claim list. After you sign up, create a journal, and join, then you can start playing with alliances!
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